Tuesday, 13 May 2014

zebra crossing

Children learn best through play. So in order to teach the younger boys a little basic (but potentially life saving) road safety I decided to make it fun. First they painted their own zebra crossing. Then they built a road from wooden bricks. Next they found lots of cars for their road and also some Lego people. When I asked Mide to name all the things that might be dangerous on the road he had an impressive list- trucks, tractors, lorries, milk tankers, cars, motorbikes, vans, BMWs... ?! (BMW drivers take note) We chatted about crossing the road, using a zebra crossing and also what to do when there wasn't one. Then they got to make their Lego people cross the road - for the most part, you'll be glad to know, the Lego people made it safely across. 

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