Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ever have those heart aching, flash-back to childhood moments? Well, I am having such a moment. I remember, as a child, having a paper/cardboard dolls house with the façade removed allowing a full uninterrupted view into the house's interior... I vaguely remember my older sister doing a lot of the constructing of this house as it came as a flat pack. Anyway it was full of detail from maids and coal scuttles to children in their nursery (think Victorian three storey town house). And then I found these sweet toy paper theatres and oh my breaking heart I love them...Santa if you're reading this you know what to do...

Spanish Theatre
Pollocks Diorama Card
Christmas Toy Theatre Card
Pantomime Theatre with Cinderella
Dickens Theatre with Great ExpectationsNutcracker Theatre Card

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Gary Bunt | (04) The Attic

Gary Bunt | (15) Widgeon

Gary Bunt | (07) Synchronicity
Just found Gary Bunt's wonderful naive paintings of English life through The Portland Gallery- aren't they lovely? I especially love the view from that bedroom window and the painted furniture and as for those deliciously plump fishermen in their orange oilskins...

Ah yes, the bonkers but hilarious world of David Fullarton. When I saw his work for the first time I had trouble breathing from laughing so hard. Some of it (well, most of it) is for the Grown Ups so look away now if you are of a nervous disposition, dislike Bad Words or have no sense of humour...

Sunday, 18 November 2012

It’s been a quiet Sunday. I've relished the dark dankness of today and stayed in the warm embrace of the kitchen. After a busy week sometimes the thought of spending a day cooking seems too much and then other-times, like now, it seems to soothe and comfort. So today chicken and leek pie with a rich pastry and a tangy lemon cake took most of my time, but it was time given gladly. The boys played and watched TV and listened to music and squabbled and generally behaved like three boys should. And all the while I chopped and sautéed and stirred and grated and roasted until the pie filling was made and the pastry was chilling in the fridge. As I write now I am guarding the lemon cake. With two dogs in their basket in the kitchen I can never rest easy while cake is cooling for fear that the temptation might be too much. A while ago I read someone write about a dog line - a zone above which things were safe from doggy investigation and below which they most certainly were not. I have yet to fully establish where this line is in my own kitchen, hence the watchfulness.

Hello Winter. Time to snuggle up!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Don't you just love men in pants? And I think those chaps behind are possibly in tights too. Ah, bliss. And I'm not the only one. I recently met a very nice lady whose secret passion was Sumo wrestling. Ahem. These are by Alice Pattullo and to be honest I love so much of her work I wouldn't know what to choose...

And now Parish Notes:
22 November brings the launch of Rebecca O'Connor's collection of poems We'll sing Blackbird at the Moth in Cavan town.
2 December is the Christmas Fair at the Moth Studio with art/craft/gifts and mince pies galore. Sure what more could you ask for?
Just in time for present buying and all things tinselly the lovely Emma Franks is now selling limited edition prints of her paintings here.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

dompteuse nani
une abeille dans ma tasse
Oh yes, please! I would love these in my home. This little moment of pleasure was brought to you by Clothilde Staes - so chic, so French, so now I need that turquoise teapot to make my life complete... 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

William is six!!
It's amazing what you do for love... yesterday I turned a perfectly good chocolate cake into a skull cake with copious quantities of icing all because a five, soon-to-be six year old declared that would be "the best cake to have...." and yes, watching his face this morning as he opened his presents and seeing his excitement over the very dodgy cake made the destruction totally okay. Almost.
Happy sixth birthday Will- we love you and are loving watching you grow up!!