Monday, 31 March 2014

...out like a lamb

On this, the last day of March, some Amaryllis. A thoughtful Christmas gift, the bulb was planted in the depths of winter when it was dark with endless damp grey skies and now look- such trumpeting beauty and colour! We are enjoying a day of warmth-the sun has broken through the clouds, there's washing flapping in the early evening sun, the boys are charging round the garden in muddy wellies and the dogs are rampaging through the daffodils. It's spring and the sap is rising!

This coming month I would love to
what's on your wish list for April?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

oh, Mr Rochester!

I am very nearly at the end of Jane Eyre, to my absolute shame I haven't read many of the classics and I thought this one was a good place to start. It has been such a joy-the story, the wonderful poetic language, the characters and setting reach out across the years and speak clearly to the modern ear. I am desperate for it all to end well for Jane's sake...

Monday, 24 March 2014

life's a beach

A much needed break from routine- a trip to grandparents and the sea where the wind whipped our faces and left salty kisses behind, where we ran screaming from foaming waves which still lapped over into Wellington boots, where rock-pools lay glistening in the sun ready to catch with a splash the smallest one who fell in. The north Antrim coast and glens glinted in the March sunshine and held us as willing captives.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

needs and wants

Image of Moka Print
ahhh, coffee time...
Image of Original Wrist Worms, Merino, Anthracite (Large)
moka print and perfect-for-mad-March-weather wrist warmer from Sandra Juto right here
The Red Snail-Eating Dodo - original screen print
red snail eating dodo screen print from Butterscotch & Beesting- just because
beeswax candles from decorators notebook for those evenings by the fire
and cow parsley beaker to remind us that summer will return
Stove-side Spoon
stove side spoon to help make dinner time that little bit easier-from the wonderfully named Hatchet & Bear

I love the idea of this-lots of friends and family contributing to a preferably al fresco meal. Handmade Gatherings by Ashley English

Thursday, 13 March 2014

like father, like son

I am ridiculously fond of the artworks of Edward Bawden but I'm thinking the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree regarding his son, Richard, who also happens to be a fantastic artist. I love his watercolours and linocuts but I especially love the slightly off beat but homely atmosphere of them.
Richard Bawden, Fireside II: The Green Man, linocut

Kites at Aldeburgh (edition of 85)

The coat stand

Saturday, 8 March 2014

at the table

This round table of ours has seen countless meals and get togethers, spilt drinks and jigsaw making, colouring and home-work, game playing and arguments, hand holding, candlelight and late night chats. Today it was the turn of rune writing, Viking drawing, Caterpillar reading and blogging.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

winds of change

Sometimes it's good to remember that winds of change can bring good kite flying
kite flying
Or at least allow you to dry your washing...
Amish Clothesline
We are experiencing some buffeting winds-it's our choice whether we stand firm, bend a little or fall. I suppose everybody, at some stage, goes through difficult moments, times which challenge us, times which force us to dig deep and make us really question ourselves and our reasons for doing things. Thankfully as we face into the wind we have lots of support and friendship holding us up.

Beautiful artwork by Becca Stadtlander here

Saturday, 1 March 2014


Has Spring sprung? You'd almost think so here...

Snowdrops and irises, dusty coloured hellebores and rainbows, puffed up clouds and clear blue skies, sunlight and dappling and, most importantly, potions mixed and bewitched (for they are love potions...) as the boys once again play outside and fall under the spell of Spring.