Tuesday, 27 May 2014

simply living

There are a million words written on living simply. Living without the bells and whistles, the frilly bits and the expensive bits. Living within your means. Being grateful for what you have without always wanting more. We are in a situation where we live simply because there is very little choice but instead of feeling resentful or that I'm missing out I feel so glad that we do live a simple life and that the boys are growing up in this way.

Weekend days together are spent having an outdoor picnic, sandwiches, mugs of hot chocolate, milk heated in the trusty blue camping kettle, the last of the cake made to celebrate a sister's visit home, walking with arms around each other. I am so glad to be in their company. I don't think I need more than them to be honest. The frilly bits are nice, sometimes, but nothing beats their tight hugs, their "thank you for such a nice day" when all you've done is had a picnic and a walk in the woods.

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