Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Today, after what seems like weeks tucked up inside with the flu, we sat outside and enjoyed lunch in the sun. We closed our eyes and tilting our faces to the rays we let the warmth in. At this time of year the garden is full of promise. It may not look like much is going on, but lots is happening underground...

...and given a little time, some more sun and rain we will have this again...All we have to do is wait and believe that it will happen.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

with love

Wishing you a very happy St. Valentine's day tomorrow! I hope you spend it in the company of the ones you love...
Look here for more fabulous illustrations from The Red Cheeks Factory

love serenade

Thursday, 7 February 2013


The last few days have been cold, wet and windy. Although the morning light in the kitchen is just lovely...
All thoughts of spring have been delayed and William is stuck at home with a sore throat and cough so after a morning of lying wrapped up on the sofa we decided that some drawing was required to pass the time.

Ironically the day before the three boys were playing hospitals with a dog in intensive care (?). I don't know if the photo shows it clearly enough but the dog, wrapped in a blanket and lying on pillows, surrounded by diagnostic equipment and with a breathing tube (in its ear) is being cared for by Nurse William. Nurse William has no formal training. Or uniform for that matter (a chefs outfit is close enough to fool most people) And at one point he joins the dog in its hospital bed. Note the plastic gloves. Health and Safety and all that.

Note: no animals were harmed in the playing of this game. And the dog went on to make a full recovery.

Monday, 4 February 2013

spring time


It's time to start channelling Spring-like thoughts and looking at these fresh and cheerful paintings by Vanessa Cooper does that for me! Love the colours and the subjects- look at those bulbs bursting out of those gorgeous pots and what about those delicate seedlings planted in tea cups or the chirruping birds? C'mon Winter time to move on... Although at the moment there are gale force winds whipping up the trees outside and it all feels very un-Spring like...

Friday, 1 February 2013


I got up a little earlier this morning because last night I had the rash notion that freshly made muffins might be good for breakfast and a yummy treat in the boys' lunch boxes. So before bed I made a large batch of muffin batter and left it in the fridge, then this morning I spooned about a third of it into a separate bowl, added some grated apple and a teaspoon of cinnamon, gave it a quick stir and then popped it into the oven spooned into brightly coloured muffin cases...The photo above is an 'after' shot showing all that was left after the boys... Tomorrow blueberry muffins are on the menu (hope they last a little longer!)

Apart from mixing and baking, today I have also been cutting as I am in the middle of making bunting for a special wedding happening this month. An old road map of Ireland will be winging its way to New Zealand in the guise of cheerful bunting to bring the bride a little reminder of home and all the roads she has travelled to get where she is now.

P.S. Hello February, how nice to see you! Icy winds are howling around at present but still the bulbs are pushing through and the hellebores are flowering - spring can't be too far away!