Thursday, 1 May 2014

happy May Day

Wishing you a happy May Day! The first day of a new month and the beginning of a new season - let's celebrate with some flowers from the garden- cream and purple tulips, dusty hellebores, Solomon's seal, zesty green euphorbia all in a jam-jar and hung on the front door. Celebrating the coming of summer (Beltane) dates to pre-Christian Ireland when protective bonfires were lit and livestock were let out onto grazing lands. It's a pity that today couldn't be less summery- it's been raining all morning and it's decidedly chilly...I think the fire tradition might just be in order!

joining in with Littlegreenshed's Nature in the Home series


  1. gorgeous colours & I love your little hand stamped may day tag ♥

  2. Thank you so much! Your hand painted posy is gorgeous!