Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Needs and Wants

Oh help! I just love the shop floor project....but oh, no look at those gorgeous limited edition Alice Pattullo cushions 'ahoy there me 'earties' or what about these oil painting bags by Swarm?

And what about the cutest bumble bee necklace - oh, c'mon you gotta have one of those! Maybe you're limiting yourself to practical essentials such as...
or this...

or a bird tail jug or two?

or a cosy blanket for those often chilly summer evenings?

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

out and about

I suppose there can sometimes be an element of 'familiarity breeds contempt' in all our lives. Certainly living in Ireland we are surrounded by all sorts of special features in our immediate landscape, making them common-place, comfortable and consequently, perhaps, not-much-thought-of. We went to Monasterboice monastery founded in the 6th Century to look at the high crosses and round tower which date from the 10th Century. We showed the boys the crosses deeply carved shafts depicting biblical stories and also their wonderful swirling abstract designs. They ran about, perhaps not caring too much about anything except the sun on their faces, while we marvelled at what has gone before us in this land of ours.

I loved the beautifully engraved late 18th century grave stones, full of plump cherubic faces with fanned wings and curly mops of hair and elegant lichen flecked angels blowing long trumpets. Here also are reminders of time passing in the hourglass...use it wisely!

We then took a windswept walk along the beach where we all gathered shells and pebbles and watched the antics of swooping seagulls and sandpipers dashing out of the waves reach. It was lovely to walk on that sandy expanse listening to the crash of water on land and to watch their carefree souls finding joy in the world. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

oh brother!

William (aged 6) has persuaded Mide (aged 4) to play Draughts. It's not going well as Mide is losing. William is using all of his powers to keep the game going despite the amateur dramatics from his younger brother...
William: you've got to think, think like a t-rex wanting to kill its prey
Mide: I don't want to think
William: but you've got to think to win, use your brain
Mide: I don't want to use my brain
William: well, I'm using my brain to think and I'm gonna win
Mide: okay, stop all this talking; I'm going to play

Monday, 10 June 2013


This weekend, with the sun blazing and all thoughts of cooking, cleaning, laundry & shopping banished, I dusted off the lino-cutter and set myself up outside under the shade of the sun umbrella and drew, cut and printed a little leaping hare. I had forgotten just how much pleasure I get from the simple act of making. Even if it's not very good, it's the doing of it that makes me happy.

And Mide chose to do some drawing too. I traced around him on some giant paper on a roll from Ikea and he coloured himself in...

Friday, 7 June 2013

summer sun

Ireland is basking in the heat! We've had a couple of consecutive days of sun with blue skies and those wispy high clouds which speak of nothing but settled weather...It's funny how quickly all thoughts of cold and rain and wet and wood-burning stoves and stew leave you. Instead there are shorts and t-shirts, suncream and icecream, hickory smoking barbecues and long, ice-clinking drinks.Oh, please say you'll stay for a while, Summer, we do like you!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

new love

Jacob's Joy

Spoils of war


Floreat Linnaeus

Sometimes you are lucky and you find a new thing to love unconditionally. So to welcome in the month of June when gardens are in bloom, swallows are chattering and skydiving, the evenings are long and languorous let's be grateful for the beautifully rounded, rosy cheeked people populating Ann Griffin Bernstorff's paintings. I especially love the fabulous floral frocks!