Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Thursday, 9 February 2017

signs of spring

"Snowdrops and Winter Jasmine" woodblock print by Matt Underwood
snowdrops and winter jasmine 

"Spring Blackbird" woodblock print by Matt Underwood
spring blackbird

"Crocus Egg Cup" woodblock print by Matt Underwood
crocus egg cup

It was winter out there this morning. No frost, just biting cold and grey skies. It almost felt like snow weather. We are keeping our eyes peeled for signs of Spring. The snowdrops are up and so are the crocuses. Blackbirds dash from the hedgerow and there are three robins who vie for food at the backdoor. It's too easy to stay indoors, warm and mollycoddled by the fire but it's where I want to be. At least these woodblock prints by Matt Underwood are chanelling Spring even if the weather isn't quite there yet.

Monday, 6 February 2017



We are still in winter. I know that February is the beginning of Spring, but in name only I think. There are snowdrops and crocuses out in the garden, and little green spears of tulips and daffodils pushing up from the cold earth but there's also days of frost and other days of fog. Every day though there's a walk, regardless of what the weather's doing. And there's fire. It's one of the best things about winter. The fire is lit first thing in the morning and by the afternoon a second one is humming in the sitting room and then it doesn't matter what's going on outside, for inside we are warm. And we are glad of it.