Friday, 30 May 2014

under star lit skies

It Could Be Anywhere

Kingston, 1933

Niagara, 1949
This is the magical, dreamy photography work of Amy Friend. I just wish I could set sail and drift off across open (but definitely not choppy) seas under a sky of pricked out stars...or maybe the glimmering light is the phosphorescence effervescence as described by Robert Macfarlane in The Wild Places

"I left my clothes on the stones, and waded into the warm shallows. Where is was undisturbed, the water was still and black. But where it was stirred, it burned with light. Every movement I made provoked a brilliant swirl, and everywhere it lapped against a floating body it was struck into colour, so that the few boats moored in the bay were outlined with luminescence, gleaming off their wet sloped sides. Glancing back, the cove, the cliffs and the caves all appeared trimmed  with light"

Whichever it is Amy's work has a soothing, peaceful quality to it. Just what's needed after a decidedly difficult week.

You can find Amy Friend's work to buy here in Citizen Atelier

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