Wednesday, 25 March 2015


It's a slow but steady dance, waiting for Spring. Two steps forward, three steps back. Daylight is stretching, the mornings have been amazing ~ all blue skies and high clouds and the longer evenings are fantastic for the boys playing outdoors. But sometimes it all goes dark and there'll be a massive hail shower or rainfall and it'll feel like November again. We are on the cusp of Easter holidays. Mide is especially keen to be off school and this morning he did a little dance, singing that there were only two and a half days til holidays. We will have two lovely weeks of slow mornings (no lunchboxes!), catching up with family, Easter egg hunting and hopefully going to the seaside for some blustery walks. So yes, I'm with Mide on this one... only two and a half days til holidays...yippeee!!

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  1. Number 3 still counts everything in the amount of sleeps so I am reliably informed that it is only 3 more sleeps until the weekend and school holidays.........