Monday, 30 March 2015

busy planning

Very modern neon Easter
image from pinterest
Now that we have a little time thanks to school holidays, added to the fact that it's raining (again) I've been thinking of things to do that'll keep little hands (and big hands) busy. I'm planning on making a Spring tree to hang with decorations ~ there is some willow in bud up the lane that I think will look very pretty in branches on the dining room table. There's also:

delicious primrose decorated easter cake from Circle of Pine Trees

really cute easter decorations from Seeds and Stitches

oh my goodness, this gorgeous bird's nest from 5ftinf

this popcorn recipe from Green Kitchen Stories ~ I think the boys would love it!

eggs benedict from Manger

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  1. Well those all look delicious. Had no idea primroses are edible. Chocolate salty popcorn looks like a winner too. Wish I lived closer to you ....