Wednesday, 18 March 2015

come into the garden

Oh the happiness of a warm spring day! The boys are home from school and playing outside. I am also outdoors having a cup of tea and making the most of the warmth on my face. A little rabbit bunting is in order. I use an old wartime cookbook* and turn to the chapter on salads, a perfect fit for bunnies. I cut the old thin paper carefully and then thread it with jaunty string. All the while the crows are calling from the yet leafless trees. I do wonder about them. I can't tell if they're happy we're outdoors or not. They do a lot of chatting and I fancy they don't mind us invading their space for a while. Anyway I finish the bunting. It is an Easter gift for a dear friend. The boys trail inside ~ they smell of fresh air and have grassy muddy knees. Soon it will be time to eat and it will still be bright.

 * It is Constance Spry's Come into the Garden, Cook and to be honest I am so cross with myself for having used it for bunting making over the years. It's a lovely book and beautifully illustrated ~ oh, the guilt...

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