Saturday, 28 June 2014

needs and wants

Oak Angel - Woodcut Print
Beautifully simple - everyone needs an angel and I love the sage green, the oak leaf and acorn wings and those pointy feet. Woodcut by Sarah Young
Hobnail Pitcher - Turquoise
Hobnail Pitcher from Pentreath and Hall, described as 'ugly-beautiful' though I don't see the ugly myself. I love that turquoise...
Antique Cheese Board
Antique cheese boards - for our healthy (?) love of cheesePointers
Pointers by James Brown - if only everything was as black and white!
Image of CLOUDS
For those of us on lazy summer holidays how about a little Cloud Classification, also by James Brown

Books, books, books...can never have enough really. I have just started Wolf Hall so that will take my reading time for a while, I imagine. But after that I was thinking of a series and the Cazalet family might just fit the bill.

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