Saturday, 5 July 2014

digging up the past

There's been a bit of digging going on around here for the last while. A herbaceous border running from the back of the house is being extended further down towards the garden. An immense, weedy bank of stones and soil and bits and bobs has been dug by hand and wheel-barrowed away. The boys have been helping with this task and one day they hit gold! Well, iron really. Buried treasure in the form of a stirrup, strong bolts and rusted hinges, a small oval sign which says 'to carry 9 tonnes'. We found an aerial photo of our house from 30 years ago and it shows a railway carriage being used as a shed, parked in the exact spot where we are digging. They spoke and dug and wondered and dug and imagined and dug, thinking of the past as they filled more barrows as we make our own, gentle impression on this place of ours.

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