Friday, 13 June 2014

cloudy with a chance of rain

This week its all been about clouds and lines on the landscape. Clouds building at the end of the garden, clouds lying over the lake water, clouds pressing on the striped fields. Our small lanes are a whirl of activity as farm machinery tears from one silage cut to another. Meanwhile the clouds wait.
We had a terrific storm a few days ago. Lots of thunder and lightening and pelting rain. The boys were not scared, although Pippin did bark at it all. I was more worried that the rain would damage the elder-flowers growing at the back door (as photographed from our bedroom window). Like the clouds I am waiting. Waiting for them to get a little bigger. Waiting for a nice sunny morning when I can pick them. Waiting to make elder-flower cordial and heavenly scented elder-flower and gooseberry fool.

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