Thursday, 19 September 2013

To my sisters

I can't remember when I first came across the work of Phoebe Wahl- it was some time ago anyway and I have been following her since. Her wonderfully detailed pictures evoke a sense of home, of warm embraces, of security - rosy cheeked babes in arms, families around the table, clapboard houses tucked up in snowy woodlands, checked shirts papas and plump kneed mamas... Wouldn't you love to live like that, to be loved, cherished like that?



sleigh ride

And so to my three dear sisters - I know Christmas time is ages away and it's way too early but...I am asking if you would like a Phoebe Wahl print as your gift- the first three images are available. In the next few weeks I'll show a couple of other artists as options (I know my taste may not necessarily be your taste!). Sorry to be starting so soon (too soon) but it will take a while to organise...

night lullaby


  1. Wow yes please! I like the first and third ones best I think.
    You are very organised to be thinking about Christmas already. But while we're on the topic, we bought 15 turkeys to fatten up, do you want one?!

  2. Great choices Mary! And see, you're thinking of Christmas too with your turkeys!!! We'd love one please xxx