Friday, 6 September 2013

This week

This week...
We enjoyed sitting out til late with the fire and candles, wine, books and magazines for company.
Mide turned five...five... I would like to know how the hell did that happen?? I blinked and now I have no babies...The newly minted five year old requested a dinosaur chocolate cake. Only a cruel heart could have ignored that.
Jam got made-apricot and lavender as well as blackberry and blueberry. The blackberries are plentiful, fat and luscious. And they always remind me of this...and of course I cried over this.

September is one of my favourite months-one season wanes, and there are changes afoot as the air cools, the leaves blush and turn away from green and the nights draw in one inky dark footstep at a time.

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