Thursday, 26 September 2013

Autumn Bliss

Autumnal walks up dusty end-of-summer tracks and past hedgerows bursting with colour. 

September is often a time for new beginnings and now all the boys are wrapped up in school life I have a little more time to do some things I like. Last week I went to the Highlanes gallery in Drogheda to see Abigail O'Brien's With Bread exhibition of wonderfully up close and intimate photographs taken in some of Ireland's bakeries. There are also the most beautiful silver plated bread sculptures laid out on tables with some under glass domes like so many treats waiting to be slipped into shopping baskets and taken home for breakfast...

These fantastic paintings and drawings are from the Texaco children's art competition which is also being exhibited in the Highlanes. I love children's art and not in some soppy or worse, patronising way. That wobbly lighthouse is by a six year old and the exquisite drawing of a girl is by a 16 year old boy. Just love! 

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