Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Yesterday passed in a whirlwind of excitement and gifts and discarded wrapping paper. And a considerable amount of time was spent in the kitchen too, where turkey and ham reigned supreme, along with Stilton and port and Christmas pudding and cake...
Today, thankfully, is calmer. The boys are playing with their new toys and we're relaxing by the fire, enjoying our gifts. I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful Angie Lewin print "Teabowl and Bracken" and a lovely bracelet from Helen Shere. For me, the best presents were home-made or hand-made, the ones which spoke of considered thought and careful preparation. At this busy time of year I especially appreciate the extra effort that it involves. Thank you for all the kindnesses we received!
Angie Lewin - Teabowl and Bracken
"Teabowl and Bracken" 
Just thought I'd show the handmade tiles around the cooker. They come from The Shop Floor Project and are just gorgeous!

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