Friday, 21 December 2012

Some images from around the house this Christmas...

Christmas Wreath- all fresh foliage, ivy and berries
The garden- brown and grey but still, in its own way, totally lovely
An early-opened Christmas present from a dear friend- thank you Rebecca- I LOVE these painted bunnies!
Unfinished Christmas cake- I make two for a lady in the village up the road. Hers are decorated with white stars and are waiting for their festive ribbon before being delivered.
Another lady, Rembrandt's wife, a gorgeous painting from Joan Hannon - a Moth artist

 The dining room stove
Decorations and dinner plates
My garden wren linocut/collage- the only handmade gifts made by me this Christmas but next year, hopefully, I will be more organised!
Happy Christmas everyone!


  1. The linocuts are beautiful, CB! Merry Christmas! Love from Gill xxx

    1. Thank you so much and Happy Christmas to you too!