Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The White Barn stall with jazzy background!

Phew! Just catching my breath after a busy weekend and a great first fair experience! Rossnaree was even bigger and better than last year as there was a huge circus-style tent on the lawn with lots and lots of stalls selling everything from vintage clothing, antiques, baby clothes, handmade jewellery and oh this really cool girl selling linocuts and vintage bunting and little paper birds... ho, ho. I really enjoyed the day and it was so lovely to get such positive feedback from people about my bits and bobs. I sold a good bit which was great. Thanks so much to my sister Mary and hubby-to-be Damien who visited all the way from Mayo, to Tia and Jimmy (friends from home) and Kevin and the boys who came to support me too- meant a lot to see your friendly faces! And to Jenny whose positive outlook and encouragement always helps... I know, I know, I'm not accepting an Oscar but it does mean a lot to me so THANKS!!

In the tent


  1. You're welcome! It was so great to see it, and I love your stuff. Still trying to find the perfect place for my prints, I'm thinking of getting a whole collection going to get busy!

  2. Kate O'Neill1 June 2012 at 02:43

    How awesome does this stall look?????? Surprised you had anything left to sell. Well done...

  3. Freaking weird thing the blog did to my name above...it is me, Kate commenting....