Saturday, 12 May 2012

Time to stretch the legs and get outside...

Grey skies over a grey lake

bella Belle

Pippin and the puddle

As an antidote to sitting way too long surrounded by paper and books and lino cutting bits and bobs it's nice to get out of the house for a walk with the dogs. I usually walk them every day and we've a choice of 'down to the lake' or 'up the lane'. Today was a down to the lake kinda day- greyish skies and only a little warm in the sun but Belle didn't mind as she splashed around. Belle is what I call a 'ditch dog'- happy only when thrashing around in hedges and/or muddy ditches... Pippin on the other hand is way too prissy for that kind of messing about- she doesn't do lake water and really only does puddles at a push. She thinks she's a diamanté-collar type of dog sadly trapped in a less than diamanté existence (sigh, I know that feeling). Anyway today we were treated to a swan flyover -three great hulking birds honking away as they flew overhead- it really was magic to see their underbellies and hear the strong flap of their wings. Dogs were unimpressed.

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