Sunday, 15 November 2015


Scenes from home this weekend:
Late breakfast by candlelight due to the incessant rain and gloom. Scones and coffee.
The paperwhites Will and I planted are shooting up.
A bit of portrait painting. He made me look like a dodgy super-hero and I made him look like a young, scared Princess Di...
It rained all weekend. On Sunday there was nothing for it - we had to leave the house and have a walk, even though it was um, raining. We chose the beach at high tide (just to increase the wet factor) and it was fantastic. The waves were crashing and the wind was whipping but there's nothing like a bit of seaside to make one happy. Follow it with a trip to the BrownHound Cafe and a browse in the bookshop and, contended sigh, you have one very happy dodgy super-hero mummy...


  1. The Princess Di comment made me chuckle! Some of the best walks I've ever had with the boys, are those wet and blustery ones on the beach. They forget it's raining, and you can only get so wet.
    Leanne xx

    1. That's it exactly! William and Hugo both got soaked but had good fun!