Wednesday, 25 February 2015

wintry reading

I finished I Capture the Castle and totally, totally loved it! What to read next though? Well, bearing in mind we'd had a recent fall of snow and it's still very wintry feeling I decided to go with The Snow Child. I'd read reviews on blogs ages ago and since I am not an early adapter it has taken me this long to get round to reading it. It can be a problem when you hop from one book to another that you have the wispy reminiscences of your previous companion caught in your mind as you start your new relationship but I have to admit I am now deep in the wooded landscape of frozen Alaska in the 1920s waiting to see how this fairy-tale will play out...


  1. I loved this book, so atmospheric and evocative. I hope that you're enjoying it too. Laura x

  2. Hi Laura - I loved it! Yes, it was very atmospheric and it grew on me slowly until I was caught by it. I was quite sad when I'd finished.