Thursday, 5 February 2015

the female mind

Oh so cosy Scandinavian log cabins
image from pinterest
Having read the Moomins to my children and several of Tove Jansson's adult books (although I really do feel the Moomins have a lot of sage advice that most grown-ups would benefit from) I'm hankering after small spaces. Warm, cosy, nesting spaces. My needs would be simple. A wood stove, a coffee pot, a cast iron cooking pot or two. A wood supply and a comfortable bed would be nice. A hot shower. Books and bookshelves (of course). A fairly limitless supply of chocolate. By fairly limitless I mean totally limitless. Somewhere for the dogs. Somewhere for the children. Oh no, I can't move in here... it's too crowded...I need space, endless frontier-like space... and chocolate.

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