Sunday, 15 February 2015

rainy days

Oh, what to do on a rainy afternoon? The day had started so nicely too. The only thing is to light the fire and try not to feel guilty about settling down to watch a favourite film. Now Margaret Rutherford may not be everyone's idea of a screen goddess, but she is mine (I relate very completely to the double chin and her sartorial style). So while the roast lamb is cooking I'm going to sneak away and hope that the boys don't realise I'm missing - Murder Ahoy awaits!


  1. Hi Claire,

    I am with you on the film choice. I absolutely love Margaret Rutherford films I have the box set of her as Miss Marple absolutely brilliant. I also have Blythe Spirit where she is the medium very funny. Hope you enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Mitzi it was good thanks - I have that box set too!