Sunday, 11 January 2015

the sea, the sea

Stormy sea off the coast of Erimel – great nature photography in dark blue colors | photography . Fotografie . photographie | Photo: Stefan Georgi @ flickr |
image from pinterest
This weekend we went to the sea. The crashing foaming leaping sea with its endless celestial push and pull. We walked for a couple of miles alongside it as it roared. It pulled on the shingle with a clacking cracking sound, possibly the best sound in the world - stones being ground into sand. The wind was wild, the spray hit our faces and our words were snatched from our mouths and thrown to the churning saltwater. My blood, which is blended with brine, was happy. So happy. We turned for home and then it snowed. We walked in the snow, the sky leaden. The song of the sea could not be ignored and it flung smoothed pebbles up over the railings to our feet just to remind us who is in charge.


  1. Sounds lush, we walked by the sea this weekend too and admired the cargo ship listing helplessly on its side on the sandbank swinging round and shifting with every incoming tide and enjoyed the spray and the churning water before the rain squalled in and drove us back into the warm. Happy days. xx

    1. Isn't the sea great! You're so lucky to close to it!!