Tuesday, 13 January 2015

january hymn

What is probably not that obvious from these pictures is the icy wind- it would flay the skin off you and it certainly made our eyes water as we faced into it on the return walk home. There's been a brushing of snow across our bit of the world, just enough to justify lighting the fires early and perhaps making the odd mug of hot chocolate to warm us up. Our evenings have been spent reading, playing Ludo (a Christmas gift to William which has been so popular and, as it requires absolutely no skill, one even I can occasionally win at) and when all children are tucked up in bed we've been watching The Killing. We are now on Series 3 so some strict rationing has been put in place but sometimes that doesn't work and we accidentally overdose. So with winter winds howling outside, Sarah Lund running into Denmark's dark scary places (each time, will she ever learn that's where the baddies are) and our toes toasting by the stove, this January is passing along nicely.

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