Sunday, 25 January 2015


Last Friday I had my running away day. I run away occasionally but I don't go far. In fact I pretty much go to the same place- the bookshop and perhaps on to a nice cafe for a quiet coffee. I bought two books - A Meal in Winter by Hubert Mingarelli and Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain. One from the Second World War and one from the First. I'd previously read and really enjoyed Brittain's Letters from a Lost Generation and I'm hoping to read the book before I see the film but it mightn't work out that way. The other one - A Meal in Winter - is more bite sized (excuse that terrible pun) and at less than 140 pages is more of a novella. Set in the depths of a frozen Polish landscape three German soldiers are out hunting. Hunting for Jews. It's written from one of the soldier's perspective and is utterly, terrifyingly gripping. The writing style is clean and clear, precise yet simple and the descriptions of the cold and snow make me glad I'm reading it tucked up safely beside a blazing fire. 


  1. I've not seen this book before but it certainly looks interesting I will certainly look it up,

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Mitzi It was very good, but not comforting reading- lots of food for thought though

  2. Hi Claire, my sister bought me this book for Christmas. I've not read it yet - I know I'll have to be in a certain 'mood' for it - but good to hear that you enjoyed it.

  3. I sometimes run away, too. It is usually a yarn shop for me but a book shop would do, too. x