Tuesday, 21 October 2014

recipe :: sloe gin

On this wild and windy day, a recipe to keep out the cold. Sloe gin is a favourite- it's lovely with cheese after a meal or to warm you up if you're out winter sporting or walking. It also makes a perfect Christmas gift. I use Sarah Raven's recipe from her Garden Cookbook.

For about 800ml:
450g sloes
710ml gin
350g caster sugar

Making sure the sloes are dry and clean, prick them all over with a fork** and put into a large sterilised kilner jar along with the gin and sugar. Close the jar tightly and turn it every so often until all the sugar has dissolved. Leave it in a dark place for 3 months and then strain into warm sterilised bottles and seal.

** or put them in the freezer for the same effect

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