Tuesday, 28 October 2014


dark blue paint bedroom walls
image from Pinterest
The change in time along with some truly wet and dark mornings has left us a little confused. Asleep in front of the fire at 9pm, wide awake at 6am although perhaps the drumming rain has something to do with that...The boys too are fuddled. Mide finished his lunch yesterday, slid down from his chair and announced he was off for a nap, like some old chap. And he did just that. Tucked himself up in his bed, blanket firmly wrapped around himself and he snoozed for over an hour. I am just very glad that it's school holidays and if anyone wants a mid day sleep it can be done. I am also glad that I am totally lazy parent. School holidays are not for filling up every last minute with 'achievements' or even 'experiences'. No, they are for slow mornings. Playing. Maybe meeting friends. And sleeping, if needed.

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