Wednesday, 20 August 2014

on friendship

There might not be an obvious link between fossilised shells and shark teeth, a spoonful of honey and friendship, but there is. We were fortunate enough to spend a few days catching up with old friends. Old friendships are to be treasured. It doesn't matter that ten or more years have passed since you last saw your friend, or that babies have grown into teenagers, or that there are more grey hairs than before-the friendship has stayed the same. We slotted back together, her and me, husbands and children and parents doing the same and it was just so nice to spend evenings chatting and laughing and re-connecting after such a long time. And what of the fossils? Well, they were a gift from our beach-combing friends, one which fired the imaginations of the boys, especially Mide. And the honey arrived by post yesterday, sent as a thank-you, made by the bees of Kent, and what a lovely, useful gift it is too.

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