Saturday, 2 August 2014

early morning peace

Do you have a preferred season? I know in my heart of hearts that, despite enjoying the summer sun and the long evenings, I prefer autumn and don't really mind winter at all. The month of August is usually a good time to still enjoy summery goings-on before the slow but steady turning of the earth leads to shorter days. Soon the garden greenness will start to change and reds and oranges and russets will get their turn. In fact there's already a slight shift and today's rain is hanging like a wet veil between summer and autumn - we can still see both but we know there's movement.
Being away from home always tears at me a little, even when I am enjoying myself. I am a home-bird for sure. But coming back from holidays always gives me a renewed sense of gratitude for our life here. And this time I realised how much I missed the wind- the movement of fresh air from one place to another, the swishing of the sycamores in the garden, the cooling effect of open windows while we sleep. I think that's why I love the sea, there's always a breeze at the coast.

The photos were taken on different mornings, early, before our usual rising time and when there's such peace it's hard to believe there are other people in the world. One while the mists and moon were hanging, suspended, and the other while the rising sun barely gilded the cut field in front of the house.

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