Thursday, 28 August 2014

be kind to yourself

'bathers' by Sickert, image from here
Sometimes when there's a lot going on in your life which is out of your control, when that curved ball has been thrown, when the thing that has been creeping alongside you for so long suddenly becomes a permanent companion, then it pays to be kind to yourself. Some simple ideas for times like this:

 :: Make meal time simpler, this is not the time for fancy ingredients or trying new recipes. 
 :: The housekeeping will wait, this is not the time to wash windows or organise linen cupboards. 
 :: Wrap yourself in your most comfortable favourite clothes, soft cottons, well worn jumpers, slippers.
 :: Light the fire. Then sit and watch the flames and toast your toes.
 :: Pull out a board game, shared laughter goes along way to help you forget anxious feelings.
 :: Re-read a book which brought you peace. Or read something soothing and gentle.
 :: Walk, especially on a blustery negative ion charged beach. 
 :: And tightly hug those you love. 

My soothing and gentle read is The fortnight in Septemberpublished in the 1930s and described as 'a little masterpiece'. It is the account of a family going to the seaside on their holidays in September, perfect for this time of year and simplicity itself with normal people doing normal things, a relief to be honest.


  1. Yes. be kind to yourself - you are awesome and lovely and our holiday with you and your delicious boys was amazing. thank you for your love and hospitality - we are truly blessed to know you and be friends with you xx

  2. Oh we loved having you stay!! So much! And thank you for all your kindness xxx