Tuesday, 8 July 2014

les temps perdu

We've just spent some time looking over short, snippety videos of the boys, filmed mainly on ancient cameras. Fleeting moments in time and space. Moments forever caught in the past. Their baby faced innocence, their arms held out for lifting up, their wide eyes and blonde hair. It breaks my heart to think of all that time gone, and yet where would we be if the time had not been spent growing and learning and changing?
It seems like an age now since we planted some Sweet William seeds. It's hard to imagine the flowers and their beauty and scent when you're putting tiny, not terribly inspiring looking seeds into their trays of compost. In fact I'd forgotten all about them and it was Kevin who planted them in the border. They are glorious-they smell heavenly, like old fashioned cottage garden plants should. They remind me of times past-the time spent with the boys planting them, so easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. But look what time did to those seeds-it grew flowers. And look what time is doing to my boys-it's growing men.

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