Monday, 20 August 2012

Yesterday was quite nice weather wise and, being Sunday, was a relaxing kind of a day. So we decided to go wild water swimming in the lake. Sure, we've paddled and dipped our toes in the waters before but as for actual, total body submersion...we hadn't just been brave enough. Until yesterday. So we geared up-swimming costumes? Check. Swimming shoes? Check. Goggles? Check. Towels? Check. Three children, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree? Check, check, check.

I have to admit I was not especially looking forward to swimming in the lake. I mean, I know this lake quite well. It's silty, it's muddy, it's wet....but actually when I got over the horror of stripping off and walking into the water slipping and sliding over the rocky bottom, it was (whisper this) fun! Yes, it was actual fun. Kevin and I swam out a little where it was not too deep while the kids paddled at the shore. The water was surprisingly warm. And once you got used to the gentle touches of weed and the fact that at any moment you might get chomped by a vicious pike it was all rather lovely. We giggled like children at our daring- swimming up and down, the wind blowing little wavelets against our bare skin. It was nice to see your underwater arms spread out in front of you and to kick your legs. Hugo swam with us for a while and then declared it was "freezing" but it wasn't. It was liberating. It was beautiful to see the lake from a totally different angle. A dragon-fly flew over our heads. Pippin and Belle paddled beside us. We swam a bit more and then rose from the deep to dry ourselves and head back home. We made a pot of tea and spoke about our lake, our swim and our luck at living where we do.


  1. Whatever about trying the broad bean thing, I DEFINITELY won't be swimming in a lake any time soon. You mad thing!

    1. Have to disagree with you there, Mary! Lake swimming is wonderful - once you get over the apprehension ;-)) Gillxx