Monday, 27 August 2012

Raining, pouring, lashing, bucketing, showery, misty, damp, mizzling, drizzling, drenching, downpour, pissing. Guess what? It's raining.
Today was the beginning and the end. Difficult and easy. Sad and happy. Wonderful and awful. Today Mide (the youngest and on the cusp of turning four) started Montessori school. He's ready and yet leaving him was one of the hardest things. I've had the privilege of having been able to bring the boys to work with me but circumstances mean that Mide is experiencing pre-school without his mum teaching there too. Oh my, I had a gulpy moment after the door closed and we were left on the wrong side but thankfully Hugo and Will were there and they definitely didn't understand the wobbly parent "but sure he'll love it in there Mum". Yes, I know he'll love it but it's just, it's just.... he's my baby, my last one... Next week will be even weirder as the older two start back to school and then every morning will be child free. Oh. God. Child. Free.

I made this cushion from a much loved but tatty cashmere jumper of Kevin's and last night I stitched a little sitting hare on to it to cover a few holes-what do you think?


  1. I like the hare - he looks like the one from "guess how much I love you?" which is just the loveliest little story and one that we have loved for years even though we're all too big for it now!

    I feel for your gulpy moment - that's always a hard one and those well meaning 'really mummy?!' comments just don't help!! enjoy your child free moments - it will be a shock but I always found a pot of tea and a quiet sit down were a good start and that there are some super crafty projects that will go SO much better without 'assistance'!! have fun lovely girl. xx

    1. Oh thanks so much Bec! I am silly I know...I am so excited picking Mide up from school it's ridiculous!