Wednesday, 29 August 2012

We find ourselves in the strange situation of the two elder children being at home while the littlest one is at play school. So today William appeared with his Octonauts comic and asked to make the fish biscuits. I know from personal experience how this type of thing normally goes. It normally goes badly. I imagine it'll be a nice "mummy-and-son" activity but in fact it turns into an episode of destruction which ends in me wiping down the kitchen walls while sobbing. Also 'fish biscuits' really wasn't doing anything for me until I read the recipe and saw that there was no actual fish involved- just buttery biscuits cut out in the shape of fish, the image kindly supplied by the comic.

So, in the end we made the fish biscuits without too much incident. You will undoubtedly agree that the finished biscuit is no more fishy than I am (although there are those among us who would say I am part human, part fishwife) and yes, the pink icing is especially vile but it adds a certain frisson to the whole thing. I think.

If your day will not be complete without these biscuits here is the recipe...
250g plain white flour
85g caster sugar
175g soft butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract- not in the recipe but added in a moment of sheer madness
greased baking sheet

Ask a grown-up to turn the oven on to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.
Mix the flour, sugar, butter and vanilla extract together until it turns into a doughy ball.
Sprinkle some flour on a clean table and roll out the dough on it. It needs to be as thick as your little finger.
Lay the fish shape flat on the dough (we got ours from the comic but there's a really good chance that yours will be better) and use a knife to cut around it. Cut out lots of fish until you have no more dough left. Pop your fish on your greased baking sheet.
Ask a grown-up to put your biscuits in the oven. Leave them to bake for about 10 minutes until they look nice and golden.
Leave your biscuits to cool on a wire rack. We iced ours.
Ask a grown-up to pour a large G+T for themselves and tell them to put their feet up. Ok, so that bit wasn't in the comic but it should have been.

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