Friday, 15 January 2016


Last night snow flakes started to fall and all their talk going to bed was would there be enough snow to make a snowman and would there be enough snow to get off school... 
Sunrise this morning. A dusting but not much more. William came down the stairs at 6.20am to check the time and check the snow. By 8.30am both he and Mide are out in the garden, throwing snowballs and whooping in the freezing air. Not much later they are back in. There isn't enough snow to stop school and off they go.

Sunlight in the dining-room. It is quiet. I roast a butternut squash with garlic and chilli to make salad for lunch and then print some linocut snowdrops, the only noise is the radio mumbling in the background and the crackle of wood in the stove. Then I make flapjacks with oats and golden syrup and butter for the boys when they come in from school. A snow day. A quiet day. Nothing out of the ordinary, but all the better for that.

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