Saturday, 30 January 2016

getting better

This morning was bright, clear and cold. A slight frosting lay on the garden wall. Inside we are slowly recovering from 'flu. The fires are lit and the house is cosy. Last week the postman delivered some cookbooks but I was too unwell to do more than read through them, wishing to be well enough to want to eat, never-mind actually cook. Luckily that has lifted and so with the barest fluffings of snow outside I made cinnamon buns from The Five O'Clock Apron and with their buttery, cinnamon-y raisin filling, they have gone down a treat. A little post-illness indulgence, if you will.


  1. I follow the lady behind the book on Instagram. Her food always makes my mouth water, and I've asked for this book for my birthday. Thank you for your lovely and kind words on my blog tho week. You've no idea how touched I was. I'm glad the lurgy is passing at yours.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hi Leanne I do hope things are more settled (whatever that may mean!) and you will enjoy the Five O'Clock Apron for sure, maybe even more so if it comes with a Five O'Clock Gin... xx