Wednesday, 21 October 2015

october days

Today we have grey skies and a blustery scattering of rain. The weather so far this month has been amazing and so this more wintry offering has been something of a surprise. We are getting into the rhythm of slower days and darker evenings. This week we're trying something new - each day after school we do something fun together. Our list of things to try out includes:

* making Hallowe'en party invitations

* baking biscuits - ginger ones, perfect for autumn

* walking in our local forest

* planting bulbs - I'm thinking of paperwhites and I'm hoping it's not too late

* making papier-mache masks 

* going to the library

* watching a movie, with treats!

It's sometimes all too easy to fall into the school/homework/screen time trap and not actually spend some proper time together. I deliberately chose things that were not going to cost any or much money, ones that could be done within an hour, ones that involve some hands-on activity and some mess and ones that get us out of the house and into the air. We made the Hallowe'en invitations yesterday and it was great to open up the art box and dig out coloured card for bats and pumpkins and googly eyes and stickers and to see the boys' concentration and effort at making the cards for their friends. Today it's watching a movie (later, by the fire with popcorn!) and papier mache masks.... happy autumn!

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  1. You'd know we are sisters - we made papier mache masks last week - it was so much fun
    :-) Kids are having a blast decorating them