Monday, 12 October 2015

Hill of Tara

For some the Hill of Tara might be a place of pilgrimage, a must-see tourist destination and, as an important seat for the High Kings of Ireland, it has its place in Celtic history, pre-history in fact. It's hard to reconcile mounds of grass covered earth and the good view with pageant and glory and banqueting and in fact for us Tara is less about the swirling mists of Celtic Ireland and more about the fact that it's dear to us as the place where two week old Hugo had his first outing and where we used to walk our first dog Lou. In fact when we lived nearby we walked here so often, including on Christmas mornings, that it became a special place to us and so it slightly surprised me when I realised that we hadn't been there in years and that a visit was long over-due. Needless to say an autumnal walk with the boys running free is a treat anywhere but seemed especially so as we re-lived a little of our past.

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