Wednesday, 3 June 2015

children's books

One of the (many) joys of having an eight year old and a six year old is reading The Bedtime Story. William and Mide share a bedtime and therefore get the benefit of two stories - one each. They snuggle down in their beds, only heads peeping out, the night light is on, the room is dimly lit and the story begins...Over the years we have progressed from picture books to chapter books and have read everything from the Secret Seven, endless Famous Fives through to Emil and the Detectives, passing Awful Auntie, the Moomins, the Worst Witch, Horrid Henry and How to Train your Dragon along the way... William's recent bedtime read was Charlotte's Web which, bizarrely, I had not read as a child. It's a well known and much loved classic, a tale of friendship and bravery and love between Charlotte the spider and Wilbur the pig. This was a lovely read, and for William who was (is?) afraid of spiders it lessened the fear by explaining lots of spidery facts cleverly woven (ahem) into the story. Although I have to admit the ending had me biting back tears...
Our new bedtime read is William at War (part of the Just William series) - perfect for our William, who is just a tad obsessed with the First and Second World Wars.


  1. I loved Charlotte Webb and enjoyed reading it to my own children. I remember some of the Just William's too.

    1. Was a lovely read, but a bit sad...