Tuesday, 18 November 2014

winter reading

There is nothing better on a cold winter's night than hatching down by the fire and reading. It is especially good if:
a. there are no distractions i.e. all children are tucked up asleep
b. you have a (large) glass of red wine beside you
c. someone has thoughtfully filled the log basket -you merely have to stretch (a little) to throw another log on the fire
d. you have some well chosen, possibly even seasonal reading matter. Oh, I do like a book with a house plan! This one involves a country house party (tick), relatives with motives (tick), Santa Klaus (tick) and murder...
e. after a decent interval someone arrives bearing a tray laden with tea/chocolate or port/cheese


  1. Looking at the Year in Books I saw yours was the latest and as I am a nosey old thing, decided to have a look. I love the simple brevity of your posts. So many posts - mine included - tend to rabbit on about inconsequential 'stuff' and frankly become boring after a while - probably include mine in there as well! Which is why though lots read, few comment. Anyway, I like yours very much. Oh and I like books with maps inside, the Kirsty Wark novel I've just started has a map of the Isle of Arran.

    1. Thanks so much Edwina! I love maps too - let me know how the Kirsty Wark book goes, it got some nice reviews!

    2. So far, a quarter of the way into the book and it's definitely living up to the reviews. One of those debut novels that has would-be authors like me looking at their own novel, shaking their heads and asking why they bother!