Wednesday, 26 November 2014


~Espaliered apple tree...
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Oh, it's good to have plans. We walked around the garden the other day talking and day-dreaming when we had one of those rare moments of clarity and a plan was hatched. A plan to plant a small potager garden, within the garden. A plan to build raised beds. A plan to grow vegetables. A plan to eat what we grow. And yes, it's good to have plans that are positive and life affirming and involve work and toil and ourselves. For so long I've wanted to grow some (at least) of our own food and for so long I've said the garden was too small, what with three boys and all. But think of all they'll learn too, if we grow our own. Think of the good food in their tummies. Oh yes, we have a plan and it's a good one.

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  1. We have raised beds for the veggies too, it makes picking so much easier with carrots, beetroots, dwarf beans and so on. We just planted some broad beans, which we usually do a bit earlier than this, to over-winter and get a head start on next season. Just love freshly picked broad beans, with crispy bacon and Jersey Royal new potatoes. Love seasonal foods, don't you?