Sunday, 27 April 2014

recommended reading

Do you ever read two or maybe three books at once. Starting something new before finishing another one off? I do it all the time and now that there's no TV in the house I've found my reading time has (blissfully) increased. So, with only a couple of hundred pages of Emma to finish I read Life after Life and was immediately swept along in a story where a life is lived again and again, getting second and third chances until it is somehow right. Parts of the book are based in World War II and the Blitz and it made for awful, compulsive reading. It was a wonderful book - doing exactly what a good one does- making you believe in the world you're reading about.

I first came across Life after Life as a recommendation on the lovely Circle of Pine Trees The Year in Books- a great idea!

And so to finish Emma and begin Jen Hadfield's Byssus... the wonderful endlessness of reading...


  1. I loved this book also Claire, It was recommended reading at our book club and divided opinions almost equally!! Big hugs to the boys!!

  2. Thanks Janet! I read it quickly...too quickly and now I wish there was some left to enjoy!