Thursday, 10 April 2014

oh heck....

...what have we done?? We've just taken the bold/totally-going-to-ruin-your-life move of getting rid of the TV. Breathe. And unclench. And try to think of the positives...
Kill Your TV Letterpress Manifesto Poster
manifesto from here
It began with us not watching TV during the school week. No-body missed it and the grown-ups watched the news at 9pm when all children were in bed. Then the TV stopped working. Then the TV licence bill dropped into the letter box (€160). Then we started saying "what if we had no TV..." So here we are with no TV. And I'm wondering "oh heck, what have we done?"

But it's hard to do anything even remotely creative when the television is on (or waiting to be turned on). And to be honest that's not we want for our boys or for us. I really want us to read, play, explore, get muddy, bake, sew, make, do, rest, draw, paint, dance, talk instead.

So for better or for worse we have no TV. 

And yes, I am a little bit scared.


  1. Good one. Too scared to get rid of mine though ...

  2. it's ok to be a little bit scared - courage isn't the absence of fear it's deciding to do it anyway ... good job lady xx

  3. Thanks so much! Have to admit I'm not missing it at all (have turned to Radio 4 for solace instead) but I think the boys find it hard...