Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fairytale living

Once, in a faraway land, there was a wicked Queen who had three young, handsome princes. The young princes were prone to lots of loud and rough play which, on a good day, could take place in the palace garden far from the ears of the Queen. But this weekend it was raining so the princes were forced to stay indoors. The wicked Queen had to put up with lots of crying and moaning as the princes 'playing' turned to fighting. The wicked Queen got more and more fed up until finally she exploded and insisted that the three princes sat down-quietly-and made Christmas cards. "What?" they all cried, "but it's October Mum, er, your wicked Queeness." "Nonsense," said the wicked Queen and she set about chopping up all of last year's Christmas cards so that the princes could glue and stick to their hearts content...

The little princes spent approximately 15 minutes in peace and harmony making Christmas cards for their friends until the fighting broke out again and the wicked Queen had to open the Gin.
The End

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  1. Not. Even. Halloween. Yet.
    Couldn't they make spooky decorations instead?!