Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It's been a while and things have been busy. We're dodging rain showers and trying to make the most of the summer days. It's been so nice having the boys around and not having to dash out for the morning bus. I've been busy making star and bird bunting and baking all sorts of nice things all the while being on general 'mummy duty ' there to dispense hugs and kisses and plasters for scrapes and scoldings as needed throughout the day!

We've lunched at Cabra Castle and met the suits of armour and the Wolfhound- Mide was definitely not sure about this dog which was the size of a small pony! We've also been to the library (thank goodness for libraries!!) and seen plenty of friends and have even managed a paddle or two.

Oh, and we've entertained ourselves in the time honoured way- flour, water and colour to make playdough- hours of fun from very little...

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