Sunday, 24 June 2012

Greetings from sunny-ish Monaghan! It has stopped raining and the last of the grey clouds have scudded across the sky so at least we can pretend it's summer (although at 14C I don't think it qualifies). The boys are outside in the garden after being cooped up over the last few days. I'm inside trying to make bunting for an upcoming fair on July 1st...but I'm thinking outdoors would be better if I could find a warm sheltered spot!

Last night was not a summer's evening so I lit the wood burning stove in the sitting room and made Nigel Slater's Chicken with Tarragon sauce except it was with chives because I don't have tarragon in my herb patch... It was really good. Try it!

chicken fillets- 4
flour- a little to coat the chicken
butter- thick slice and a little oil to stop it burning
wine glass of white vermouth or Madeira or dry Marsala
herbs- chives, tarragon, parsley whatever you have
cream- a dash to finish it off

Put the chicken fillets in a freezer bag and get out your rolling pin. Give them a sound bashing so that they are thinner but not in a mush. Add a tablespoon of flour and some salt and pepper to the bag and give it all a good shake to coat the chicken. Put the butter and oil in a frying pan and heat until foaming and then add your chicken fillets. Let each fillet become golden before turning. Continue cooking until white all the way through then lift out and keep warm. De-glaze the frying pan with the glass of vermouth/ booze- scrape up all the sticky yummy bits- then add the herbs and let it reduce. Put the chicken back into the pan and add enough cream to make you happy. Let it simmer for a bit and check the seasoning before serving. Enjoy!

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